“Hirsch”: a model I worked on in August. Vaguely inspired by Takeya, I thought it would be interesting to “re-contextualise” a highway patrol-style officer into some kind of pan-galactic law enforcer, complete with “vibro-sword” (a little bit future-retro, something we  don’t see enough of these days, I think). Obviously there’s a bit of anime in there. I didn’t have  a colour scheme worked out before sculpting, and, as usual, I left it until the last minute. I’m not sure if this is always the wrong way to go about things though, as my head is a little more open to thinking laterally when it comes to brainstorming. I was going to go with out-and-out retro number 3 (below), or a sandy, WWII RAF flight-suit option 6, but eventually I went with number 5 – a plainer Black&White ensemble. Going with a relatively boring colour scheme lets you explore textures and forms a bit more, anyway (there’s no better way to hide a boring mode than by loading it with obtrusive colour).


Below you’ll find a production video and some more turntables.