ZBrush Document4


Buzz. WIP. Continuing a strange obsession with monkeys, and combining it with a bit of classic sci-fi aesthetic. I think he’s got some sort of ESP / telekinetic power – there will be filaments in the domes which can light up when he’s channeling energy through that glove. Left is me working out the geometry of the helmet. I can’t get into the habit of sketching with this software – I always seem to have to rely on the geometry to know where I am. I think this is because I rely on UVs quite a bit as I work – for “noise” and surface details. There are workflows (Allegorithmic) which allow you to leave a large proportion of this work for the texturing stage, but I think that, overall, ZB just seems to be faster.

References from Google images. “Bone Clones” are also a good source of reference, as they document their skeletal assemblies with some nice clear pictures. On the right is a rejected design for the regulator. Those curves didn’t seem to be going anywhere, so I went with a boxier look in the end.